Our Stories

What is it about old letters, vintage photos or old books that grabs my attention? Sometimes it is the beauty of the script alone that has my heart. Other times it is the beautiful sentiment behind the handwritten text.

We live in a world now where practically everything is in an email or a text message. Gone are the days when we would sit down and actually hand write a letter and mail it off the “old fashioned” way.

And can I talk about old photos? So many of them tell a story. And often times when I find some discarded in a thrift or antique store, I wonder whose family they belonged to. How did they end up all alone in a shop?

Many years ago I ended up with a lot of old family photos and I knew I didn’t want to hide them away in photo albums. I wanted to create something with them. Something that would last. A piece of art that could become an heirloom.

So, taking one of my favourite photos in my grandmother’s collection, I set about making a piece of jewelry with the special photo inside. And that is how my journey began.

It has been a wonderful way for others to reach out to me with their own photos to create a special piece for them. Whether it is a piece of jewelry or art, the sentiment behind it is more special because it is usually a loved one’s photo.

What story does your photo tell?

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