Faux Tin Type Art

While antiquing I am always on the hunt for vintage tin type photos. These precious little tin photos have always inspired my jewelry and art pieces with the stories they tell. Finding these gems is beginning to be more of a process than before as there aren’t that many around.

Using a technique I learned years ago and am now finally putting into practice, I am able to recreate the appearance of a tin type photo using photos from my vintage stash. Because these are created on tin, it is hard to tell the real ones from the reproductions.

This particular photo was the inspiration for the soldered crown. Using some oval glass, vintage chandelier crystals, and some pearl chain, I was able to solder the focal piece for this crown.

I found this vintage reproduction metal trim and knew that I wanted to use it for a crown. The details are amazing and it was the perfect trim for the crown. I made it large enough to actually wear!


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