Art & Soul Portland

I always enjoy teaching abroad and meeting the new people who take my classes. It gives me a chance to connect with them and in person classes are always fun.

I’ve had the chance to attend Art & Soul Portland numerous times and now I am fortunate to actually be teaching there. I am bringing two classes to the August venue and four classes to the February 2021 venue.

For August I will be teaching Beautiful Bezels and my two day “Sainted Love” Santos Doll class. Beautiful Bezels is a soldered jewelry class and the Santos Doll class is a sculpture/soldered art class.

Next year in February there are four classes to choose from.

“Soldering 101” is a class full of the tips and tricks of soldering for the beginner.  We will be soldering different glass charms so that you as the students get a good feel for the art of soldering.

“Charmed” is another class that is good for the beginner to soldering.  We will be soldering lots of different size glass charms to put onto a charm bracelet filled with other charms along with the soldered ones.

“Beautiful Bezels” uses different soldering techniques where you can create your own unique shaped pendants with metal and bezel wire. Once the bezels are finished being soldered you will create the inside of the bezel with papers, rhinestones, glitter, charms, etc. that will be sealed inside with resin.

“Sainted Love” is a two day Santos Doll class where you will first sculpt and paint your doll and then add a technique where it will make your Santos look like an antique. Then we will solder the cage dress to the doll and base using the textured solder technique.

If you have been wanting to learn the art of soldering, these classes that I offer are a good start.  All of them are great for the beginner and will leave you coming away from the class with a good foundation of the techniques of soldering.

I hope to see you there!

You can find these classes here:  Art and Soul Retreat

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